Photo Competition

The Friends of Singleton Lake and The Friends of Victoria Park Photographic Competition Spring 2019

1. The competition is free to enter.

2. Entry to the competition will be open to everyone and split into 4 groups;  11 years and under, 12 – 16 years of age, 17 years and over and “professional” or members of camera clubs – all ages as at 1 January 2019

3. Entry to the competition denotes acceptance of these rules.

4. Competitors may submit up to 4 photos; a maximum of 2 of Singleton Lake and a maximum of 2 of Victoria Park.

5. All photos should have a title and be submitted for judging with a name and the group that the entry is intended for via the e-mail address :-

fosl .photocomp@gmai l .com

6. This competition will be judged by  local Assocaites of the Royal Photographic Society.

7. The judges’ decision will be final.

8. It is expected that competitors will abide by the spirit of these rules so that competition may be fair and self-regulating.

9. The competition will be open between 1 January 2019 and 30 April 2019, although we reserve the right to extend the closure date by up to 1 month. Entries submitted after the final closing date will not be accepted.

10. Photos should be taken in and around Singleton Lake and/or Victoria Park and do not have to have been taken during the competition period.  They can be of any subject.

11. Every care will be taken of entries but no responsibility will be accepted for their safety i.e. ‘at photographer’s risk’.

12. Images may be used for promotional purposes. By entering the competition you give your consent for this.

13. Winning entries will be placed into an exhibition at a location and date to be determined. Winning entries will be returned framed and mounted after the exhibition.