Following an initiative by Great Chart with Singleton Parish Council in 2014, Stakeholders met regularly and agreed management proposals for the Singleton Lake and the surrounding area.  The Singleton Lake Steering Group was formed.   Stakeholders agreed to provide input towards the development of a Management Plan.

One of the management proposals for the parish council was to oversee the setting up of a community group and to engage with the community on a regular basis.   It is now supporting the formation of the Friends of Singleton Lake.

For the purposes of the management plan the area has been separated into three compartments.


Singleton Lake

Singleton Lake is the main recreational and amenity area of the site.  It includes formal pedestrian and cycle paths, boardwalk, seating, fishing platforms and bridges, as well as other infrastructure such as fencing, signage and safety belts.


Buxford Meadow

Buxford Meadow consists of a mosaic of floodplain meadow, woodland and scrub with areas of flowing chalk river and standing fresh water.  There is a public right of way across the site, but no surfaced paths.

Northern Field and Car Park

The Northern Field is a large meadow that is currently managed as short amenity grass, and used for dog walking and informal ball games and play.